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In my essay about abundance I focused mainly on the material aspect. Only touching briefly on the abundance that can be found in the emotional and mental realms of ourselves. I think that these are the realms where true love expresses itself.

So what is love?

It’s a concept that is used to frequently throughout the world. It’s the central hub of most spiritual movements. Yet, what is it actually? Is there some kind of objective representation of love that pertains to all that relate to it? Or is is purely subjective, largely dependent on each individuals personal experience, perception being generated by the individuals emotional and mental states. I have heard the phrase “Love is truth” used before. It feels like a good, albeit simple, definition at face value. But what is truth? Whos truth? . For me, truth is best summed up as something of personal experience or something of deep resonance. I think true love, in its purest form, parallels a deep feeling of abundance.



The desire for Abundance seems to me to be the motivating factor behind much of our lives. It is what drives people to invent new things, making our lives easier. To be creative. The artist feels a sense of abundance after painting something that really encapsulates their feeling and perspective. We have this inherent desire to feel safe, to feel comfortable. Having material wealth seems to soothe this in us. Life becomes easier with less laborious physical work having to exerted.

We often have more free time than our ancestors. At least this would be the case if we weren’t already in the pursuit of the next new thing to experience. This becomes the problem. With technical innovation we are rewarded with something physically tangible that can help us out. Something we can actually see and measure as ‘progress’. What’s apparent to me in the current world culture is that we have fallen into the trap of thinking that every sense of lack we experience can be solved by some new technological advancement. Many of us do not possess the knowledge to be able to work in these developmental fields so we sacrifice ourselves, doing more of the hard labour/shit kicker type jobs in order to pump more resources into science and technology.


In my ever expanding awakening, I am moved to write this letter. An expression of my true feelings. An insight into how my relationship with my environment, consisting of culture, friends and family, had shaped me into who I had become. The product of cause and effect. The biological machine, with little conciousness yet influencing the picture, to the position that I now perceive from today with years of self exploration, research and development under my belt. My intention? To bring further clarity to the field of social dynamics, to move others to partake in the path that deep questioning may lead. To speak of the true freedom that may be earned. To clear the air once and for all between anyone who purports to * know * me. To take what is mine and return the elements I have picked up from others that do not serve me. Elements that these individuals hold onto, that can only exist in the light of ignorance. To free myself of the pressure of the fear and worry that arises out of YOUR OWN limitations, the fear of others that my own experimentation and experience are completely unfounded in anything that is ACTUALLY REAL. Knowing that fear is simply a seed/idea of the imagination that was planted in your psyche, either by yourself or the infinite streams of fear based thought being generated by media. Fear that you have unconciously accepted on the basis of your own ignorance. Ideas that aren’t necessarily founded in anything at all, but a self referencing loop that is easily perpetuated by a mass consensus.  You seem to think this consensus is some kind of justification, only the masses are all watching the same TV shows, the same news channels and reading the same newspapers. All the worlds mainstream media (anything we see on tv or read in a paper) is owned by 4 corporations. Corporations whose desire for economic growth often doesn’t require it them presenting anything truthful or empowering.


My experience living the life

When you grow up in a culture where heteronomy is rife it’s not surprising how much heteronomy we take on and embody for ourselves. I personally think that the masculine signal is far more receptive to this distortion of mind than the feminine.

I made the mistake of underestimating how much this way of being was running in me. The Sui Generis appears so simple at surface level, yet I failed to take into account the power of programming. The power of habit. The power of emotional trigger. I’m naturally an introverted individual, spending most of my time living in solitude in my bedroom growing up. Living with 4 others including two children aged 4 and 9 brought up some immense challenges for me.


A year in the life of the Sui Generis

Disclaimer: well this ended up a pretty hefty piece of writing… I hope you can appreciate my raw writing style and my lack of editing……… I am new to the whole writing game and these are the first sizable things I have written in 6 years :) I’ve split it up into two parts, you can start at the second part if you want to skip the personal background stuff about me

As I write this post it has been almost exactly 1 year since I started living with Songs. How fortunate we were to only be living 2 hours drive away from one another. This post will be about my experience living the lifestyle.

First up a bit of background about me. I was born and raised in Brisbane, Australia. Living in the same house for 23 years of my life. Two parents that should have separated years and years ago but stayed together ‘for the kids’. One younger brother. I look at the environment that I grew up in now and am kind of disillusioned: I did not grow up in the ‘real’ world, I grew up in a world of smoke and mirrors. A world hugely cut off from anything natural- pure man made artificiality.


Why the Sui Generis?

I’d like to explore here fairly briefly and in simple terms what the Sui Generis approach to life means to me. What I observe it creating. As if the very foundational principles aren’t self evident enough, to give us a picture, to spur our imagination and thought experiments. To see ‘why’ to enough of a degree that we can begin to EMBODY this core operating system. However given the the often debilitated and reactive state of the psyche present in this paradigm, I’d like to attempt to extrapolate a little.

First and foremost I’d like to explore the concept of ‘embodiment’. The budding etymologist that I am.…. For me embodiment goes hand in hand with knowledge. Embodiment can be likened with wisdom. Something that we have owned, something that we know. Something we have experienced enough times to give it ‘truth’. A sense of absolute. Whilst acknowledging that nothing, for me, can ever be absolutely absolute. It gives us the ability to move forward in a powerful way. Movement = life. It is how we navigate. It is how we decide which option to choose at any given choice point.