Welcome to the paradigm for an evolution of Being.

I am known as Songs Moon. I have been working on the Sui Generis platform for decades, making sure that it was fractally whole and complete. This website is the beginning of my chronicle of this work and the films that will follow; I believe that it is not a REVOlution that is necessary at this time, but an EVOlution of the entire mythos and operating platform that the heteronomy has been using to control and dominate the global society.

This website is currently in its infancy: I will be uploading many of my essays from the past 18 months and much of the new material here is being written by my Beloved, En; together we are expressing a way of Being that gives a language and platform for the evolution that so many are looking for.

I am not interested in a turning of an endless wheel: I have chosen to break the wheel and create something new.

If you would like to dive straight into the depths, please go to the Foundation section which contains an ever increasing catalogue of my essays.

I’m pleased you have found your way here; there are no accidents in this quantum multiverse.