About the authors


Well this blog page is going to be my testing ground for ‘streaming consciousness’. This new found ability I am still in the process of refining. Exploring the concepts Songs and I have been working on for the past year. Allowing myself to drop into the stream of each conceptual topic and type away furiously :). I’m fairly new to this writing area, it’s been about 6 years (since I left school) since I have really written anything and I never was much of a writer. Getting a C+ in grade 12 English or something lol (not that it means anything). I’m interested in evolving my ability to present concepts in a clear and concise way. After having written a few things already, I’m already finding it challenging to get outside of the knowledge of the broader spectrum of information that I have obtained over the last year. Being able to present each topic in a clear linear fashion without jumping around to much in other conceptual areas to explain something.

I’m well and truly open to and questions or constructive criticisms you may have. I hope you enjoy reading and I hope that you are able to gain some interesting ideas from what I write.