The desire for Abundance seems to me to be the motivating factor behind much of our lives. It is what drives people to invent new things, making our lives easier. To be creative. The artist feels a sense of abundance after painting something that really encapsulates their feeling and perspective. We have this inherent desire to feel safe, to feel comfortable. Having material wealth seems to soothe this in us. Life becomes easier with less laborious physical work having to exerted.

We often have more free time than our ancestors. At least this would be the case if we weren’t already in the pursuit of the next new thing to experience. This becomes the problem. With technical innovation we are rewarded with something physically tangible that can help us out. Something we can actually see and measure as ‘progress’. What’s apparent to me in the current world culture is that we have fallen into the trap of thinking that every sense of lack we experience can be solved by some new technological advancement. Many of us do not possess the knowledge to be able to work in these developmental fields so we sacrifice ourselves, doing more of the hard labour/shit kicker type jobs in order to pump more resources into science and technology.

This type of relationship, this trust in those who provide technology, can easily slip out of balance and into hierarchy. A state of feeling dependent of those ‘in the know’. Their opinions hold more weight than anyone else’s, they have more tangible proof, look at all the things we have created to make your life easier…… It’s true, they have indeed created many marvelous things for us. They become authority figures, who claim the resources of the trust. Those actually producing all the ‘man hours’ of labour type resource have no ability to rebut what these authority figures are telling them about how the world is.

Any intuition of personal experience is met with intense scrutiny. It’s not hard for the controllers to convince the individual that their experience was actually wrong, something that fits into the absurd amounts of technical data and ‘facts’ they can throw at you. Quelling out your intuitions, the intuitions that something is seriously awry, convincing you that all is well, keep labouring, we’re your friends. Look, our progression in medicine helps save hundreds of thousands of lives each year, more facts and figures. Turning you against your own feelings, ignoring them. Continuing to support the trust in good faith. Convinced by all biased facts and figures they can churn out.

I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with science, medicine or technology at all. I’m just pointing out the psychological ‘fucking with the equilibrium’ of the trust that I observe.

Lets look further at what this imbalance creates. What happens when you stop listening to your own feelings and intuitions? You replace connection to yourself and what you think with that of the external authority. This might be ok, in some instances, to do to some small degree: we do live in a co-creative environment. Yet as you take on more and more external authority- their knowledge, their opinions, their meanings, their symbols- at the expense of your intuition, the gap grows: the trust that you are giving these systems external to yourself becomes FUCKING MASSIVE. You are operating entirely from an amalgamation of other peoples programmes. Where did you go?

What happens when you lose yourself? It is my experience that the true essence does not really leave, not without years of denial. It just gets buried, ‘overridden’, by all these externally founded programmes we take on at the whim of the creators of those programmes, those who move the coding around as they see fit, however it suits their paradigm. Do you know these creators personally? Do you trust them because they can use big words and appear ‘intelligent’, as the cultural programme of ‘intelligence’ distorts your ability to explore what intelligence is FOR YOU? Questioning whether or not these people are ACTUALLY intelligent- the ability to recite and present worlds of information and data is but a small part of intelligence in my world. Do you know the personal purpose and intention of these individuals that you put so much faith in? Are you sure that their purpose and intention is one that actually serves you, other then the appearance of public servitude they create artificially with ‘public relations’, a whole field of ‘experts’ that are masters in the art of manipulation?

Are you aware of how easy it is for you to be manipulated? Billions of dollars being spent each year to achieve this very purpose by the advertising industry. Convincing you that you want to buy their products, constantly hammering at you, overriding your feelings and intuitions increasingly with time. Have we sold ourselves out to the degree where we are willing to just accept their words as a guarantee that ‘all is well’? Not bothering to do any research for ourselves about where the resources of the trust are being spent. What the ACTIONS of these people ACTUALLY ARE.

I think this is an area that I personally have found to be immensely challenging. Time and time again I have observed those around me being fooled by words. The words of the smart mouth, slick lawyer type individual that can slide out from beneath the charges that ANY of their ACTIONS create. Convincing others THEY are actually in the wrong. Getting indignant. Weaving these webs of deceit through the seemingly impenetrable veneer they can generate through ‘quickness’, through argument, so that they can act any way they want. Those around them becoming fearful of challenging them in any way, the more times they are made to look like an ass by confronting them. Many of these individuals emerge as leaders, social group leaders all the way up the scale: look at how many politicians have been involved in the law, capable of being absolute in themselves. Absolute in their ‘right’ to indulge in any way, to feed of the resources and energy of the supporters because they can convince those supporters that the deceivers are the good guys. Their purpose and intentions are for the benefit of all. Casting spells. Creating culture that people with lesser degrees of mental processing power, connection and trust in themselves become hopelessly entrapped within. Entrapped within the language, entrapped within the mindset, entrapped within the energetic vibration.

I know these kinds of individuals. I am one. Growing up I was able to slide around anything my mother and friends tried to pin on me. Capable of ‘winning’ any argument. Capable of putting their accusations, that they were fully justified in having, back onto them. Making them doubt themselves when wanting to challenge me. It’s vicious and poisonous. As I have matured I have seen what these kinds of actions/this way of being creates: the thing is, deep down I always knew when I was wrong. There is something about being able to convince another they are wrong, tearing them out of their own intuition, that makes you lose respect for people because they are seemingly like a feather in the wind. I didn’t even have to be absolute in what I was saying, imbuing it with the power that comes from being absolute, in order to do so. I didn’t have to try hard at all.

This creates homogeny. This creates fear and doubt. This creates robots with no intuition. When I act that way I become incapable of MY OWN evolution. This refusal to look at the Self I need to maintain in order to engage in that type of behavior. That ability can look impressive to many yet those that I can impress it upon are often heavily disconnected in themselves, their life signal emerging through the worlds of programming it takes to become externally focused/dependent to that degree. The degree where they are constantly looking to me for direction and giving me their energy. The co-creative energy that these individuals are capable of flowing back towards me is of the poorest quality, having to make its way through the worlds of constriction they have taken on in mind and body. Is this the type of environment I want to live in for the sake of my own material gain? I don’t want to have to micro manage the entire environment’s direction and purpose.

Evolution is my ability to flow increasingly pure energy into my environment. To flow increasingly more energy. To give. To enjoy the way my presence and the power of this energy can bring life into those around me instantly. The way my 5 year old daughter’s face lights up when I flow pure energy at her is all the reward I need. The reward of another individuals unique light shinning increasingly brighter. The joy in observing their progress. The joy in co-creating with truly self aware and competent beings.

This is where the abundance that we crave is. This feeling of freedom that emerges out of the sacred trust between co-creators. When we recognize as a group the sheer importance of being connected to ourselves, to our feelings and intuition, where this is the focus, this is the direction. This is why we create, to get a fuller understanding of ourselves. How we react in any given situation. This feeling of support from one another. Where the material realm is just a play ground to help us more fully explore ourselves. Where the cognizance of the infinite realms of mind and emotion are the prime directive. The evolution of personal knowing of who we are in these realms of self is where we find the greatest sense of abundance.

True abundance cannot be had through dependence on the trust we inherit from others if that trust is one that we employ manipulation, domination and control to ANY degree in order to maintain. We end up spending most of the energy we receive from the trust trying to maintain the control structure that leads to us receiving energy from others. This is clearly an ineffective and inefficient means of achieving the sense of abundance that is at the core of our desires. True abundance may only be found by working WITH the environment. By forming an immaculate relationship with our environment, with personal responsibility and integrity. We EARN the trust. We do not EVER take that foregranted.

YOU ARE THE TRUE INHERITOR OF THE TRUST. Your uniqueness says so. Your energy is sacred. Invaluable. Where you give of it MATTERS. You are creating. You WILL reap what you sow. Claim yourself back. Claim back the abundance that comes from YOUR OWN programmes running in the emotional and mental realm.

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