It isn’t adaptation we want, it’s evolution.

It isn’t adaptation we want, it’s evolution.

Part One: The social landscape of adaptation.


For various reasons, the planetary evolution of consciousness- and the dissolving of everything that prevents this- has been the central core of my purpose and intention since I was nine. I have immersed my Self in many facets of the exploration of ‘evolution’, including in terms of social consciousness, and lately I have been deeply immersed in considering the mythology that humanity’s ability to adapt is useful on an evolution-of-social-consciousness scale. I’ve been critically examining the kind of distortions that I have had to engage due to the phenomenon of ‘societal’ adaptation and I have come to view the confusion regarding ‘adaptation being an element of evolution’ as one of the many subtle distortions of perspective that the social virus1 likes to utilise.

Why is this consideration important? What is it that I’m seeing that makes this exploration useful? The core issue with adaption as I see it is the vital question ‘who has the power in this situation?’: when the power to adversely transform an individual’s environment rests in the hands of another individual or group, the dynamic of adaptation becomes the desperate and unceasing negotiation of a space that is being intentionally manipulated by forces that are often inherently hostile to the individual being forced to ‘adapt’.

This has direct and indirect effect on the individual, both overtly and covertly; while on the surface the individual is scrambling to adjust, be it physically, emotionally, psychologically, economically or a combination of any of these, the real damage is being done on the deepest psychological and physiological levels, which is precisely the desired effect. The mythology that is the concept of ‘adaptation’ then becomes a consideration of a tool that increasingly appears is being intentionally used to prevent social and individual evolution.

First, let us consider the modern dictionary definition of adaptation:

ad·ap·ta·tion [ad-uhp-tey-shuhn]


1. the act of adapting.

2. the state of being adapted; adjustment.

3. something produced by adapting: an adaptation of a play for television.

4. Biology .

a. any alteration in the structure or function of an organism or any of its parts that results from natural selection and by which the organism becomes better fitted to survive and multiply in its environment.

b. a form or structure modified to fit a changed environment.

c. the ability of a species to survive in a particular ecological niche, especially because of alterations of form or behavior brought about through natural selection.

5. Physiology.  the decrease in response of sensory receptor organs, as those of vision, touch, temperature, olfaction, audition, and pain, to changed, constantly applied, environmental conditions.

For the purposes of this discussion some clarification and exploration will be useful: all these definitions relate to the specific element of Virus activity of intentional societal control for an inherent purpose that I’m exploring in this writing.  I would like to reflect these definitions in light of the effect that a dominating element- the Virus- causes by stealth to be absorbed into the psychological landscape of an entire culture: it is by these psychological and linguistic sleights of hand that the trick of stealing an individual’s autonomy is effected. This is the reason these explorations are important: freeing ourselves linguistically and psychologically from the dominant cultural paradigm we find ourselves in is the baseline for profound evolution.

The dictionary defines the act of adaptation as an element of adaptation itself: how does this impact on individuals? Consider the pressure on children to conform to their society’s demands and standards: this conforming is, by definition, adaptation to a particular ecological niche.  Ecology for highly sentient Beings is not limited simply the physical environment they find themselves in: ecology for all such Beings intimately involves the full gamut of spiritual, psychological, energetic and physical wellbeing if we want a society of individuals that don’t simply survive. This ‘adaptation’ to external ecology is continually touted as a positive thing, particularly in psychology circles: it is a measure of how well the individual is maturing, how well they are managing the internal tensions between external forces and internal desires. There is little in society to suggest that this adaptation may actually be a detrimental act if one’s interest is in conscious evolution and there’s a very simple reason for this: you cannot control an evolutionary-based mind. For now, simply to recognize and question why our society actively inhibits and dislikes conscious evolution as a way of Being opens up interesting doorways.


This then moves us to the concept of adaptation referring to the state of being adapted/adjusted.  Here the pressure button is created in which an individual’s failure to constantly adjust to the demands and shifts placed upon them by the manipulating forces serve as grounds to question the individual’s competence and place in the dominant culture as well as their ‘worth’ as a Being (or if the individual even qualifies as a Being within that particular construct). There are more and more insults and assaults to the core Self from without while the frequency and intensity of the parasitic thought-forms begins to increase: those thoughts of self loathing, self doubt and disturbance on every level that plague almost every individual on the planet, the existence of which has been dismissed or targeted over the millennia as being some kind of ‘core glitch’ of the human mind depending on who it is doing the manipulation; secularists or religionists.

Regardless of which element of the social virus is doing the criticising the effect on the individual is the same: an external authority is constantly creating new markers that the individual must meet, new standards that they must conform   (‘adapt’) to, new qualities that they must demonstrate, an endless stream of external demands that must be satisfied. It is this element of adaptation that both fuels and is hostage to the self image distorting industries of media, advertising and cultural memes of beauty, acceptability, normalisation and the myriads of other distortions that individuals are constantly forced to adapt to.

When the functions of higher sentience are factored into the picture, adaptation involves moving one’s internal world and physical self about in order to survive a rift between the psychologically familiar and the externally disrupted: in such Beings, adaptation is primarily about psychological- and thus physical- survival in an external world that alters radically from the one that the individual has internally mapped as ‘the way the world is’. These adaptations are always traumatic or challenging in one way or another; there is always a chance that the organism that fails to adapt to the new circumstances- to shift in their perception, to move their internal world so that it fits more readily with the external they are experiencing- can experience the same kind of internal collapse that causes individuals to die in the wilderness after just two days of being lost.

The sense of constant low grade cognitive dissonance can be easily achieved if the propaganda machine surrounding the individual is constantly depicting a life and rule set that never matches the experience, both internally and externally, of the observer participant: the desperate sense of being out of the loop that is promoted as so obviously available to others who do ‘make the grade’ is the enticingly dangling carrot that encourages individuals to greater conformity and effort. This is also part of the mechanism used to ensure that individuals become willing thought and behaviour police of those around them, working to ensure that others toe the line so that the endlessly promoted fictions will become facts.

Adaptation is an effective weapon for the Virus on so many fronts.

reclaim your mind

My daily focus is not on adaptation to a wide ranging spread of globally dominant behaviours: there is no ‘positive’ adaptation to a profoundly psychotic society in which the majority of those invested with power meet most of the diagnostics for sociopathic behaviour and/or pathological narcissism; there is no positive adaptation to a society that consistently gravitates towards violence, towards self destruction, towards addictions of every hue and dimension, towards ever increasing self annihilation.

Children raised in homes where such destructive behaviours are overt  often experience developmentally crippling conditions such as chronic PTSD and/or anxiety and behavioural disorders; they become traumatised to a degree that sees them grappling for the rest of their adult lives to find a ‘self’ that can operate outside trauma mode. Children raised in homes where the abusive behaviours are covert- covered in a veneer of respectability and social consensus- often experience a creeping sense of disturbance and questioning that can send them either way: deep into the arms of cultural and societal approval, forever embedded in the need and desire for the thumbs up from an external authority, any external authority, because they cannot self orient and self direct; or they go the other way, driven restlessly out into the open arms of a world that has many different faces, experiences on offer and options for constant distraction but no foundational platform of healing.

I’ve waded into various waters in the course of my own quest, that of discovering what will create a platform of global transformation on every level necessary to move from adaptation to evolution: I have observed the subtle linguistic bespelling that arises when individuals are essentially being used as agents for the Virus- be it via the subtle insidiousness of a squirmy spiritual ‘principle’ as promoted by the practitioners of religion, old or New Age- or the baton-to-the-head viciousness of the forces employed by the dominant paradigm to keep evolution at bay. The key essential ingredient to every action taken by the dominant paradigm is the determined effort to prevent evolution, to stifle any movement away from the complete and total domination of the Virus on every facet of society, on every facet of the fiction presented to individuals as ‘the way  life is’.


There is no healthy adaptation possible to this kind of behaviour and mindset, this kind of society. It is this mythology of adaptation, reformation- ‘change’- that I no longer have any interest in supporting; I have no patience with the rhetoric of ‘revolution’ and all the word implies, the refusal to see that revolution simply advocates yet another turn of the same wheel, yet another yank of the same prayer bell, the intonation of the same chant, the mouthing of the same platitudes, the election of another corporate drone in a suit.

Some individuals don’t grok why I won’t enter into ‘discussion’ with them regarding their perspective or beliefs around the subject of global ‘shift’. They consider me arrogant because I have no interest in compromise- what compromise is possible in the issue and mechanics of global child abuse? environmental destruction? genocide? endless wars and horrors perpetuated in the name of corporate profit? They consider me ‘unwilling to hear their side of the story’ and I suppose to those who can’t see the fundamental errors in their original thinking I do appear that way. I don’t mind at all, because I know that those who don’t get it don’t get to have it. I have no interest in massaging the horrors of heteronomy into a more palatable, saleable version that will appeal to a wider audience that has no desire to do the deep mining necessary to clear the causal heteronomy out of their own systems. I’m not interested in applauding a naked emperor as he parades obliviously down the street, nor posting memes about how great a guy Bill Gates is for funding the poisoning of Indian children via ‘necessary’ vaccinations; I’m not interested in the illusion of ‘political reform’- or any kind of reform, for that matter- all of which being nothing more than the next advent of adaptation to a psychotic, broken system. Reform in the context I’m observing is another way of adapting to or disguising insanity; given that my primary purpose and intention is to dissolve Empire in all its forms via a platform that will ensure it can never arise from the ashes, I’d be insane my Self to embrace ways of Being that are designed to provide a cosy nest for the next iteration of the same parasitic Virus I’ve been looking to permanently neutralise.

Whenever we leave room within us for the particular elements of adaptation to Virus that we are comfortable with, we are the fertile carriers of the next iteration- the New And Improved version- of the Virus. There is no safe parameter with this, no ‘little bit pregnant’, no rationalisation that can sterilise the Virus thinking into deactivation. While individuals insist that their particular adaptation to cultural insanity is reasonable there is no sui generis conversation that can be had with them: the alcoholic only begins to recover when they choose to see that they have a problem, the Virus carrier is exactly the same. While we continue to have conversations with individuals that have demonstrated a total inability to comprehend the extent of their infection we are casting our pearls before energetic swine; we are fooled into giving away our internal ‘gold’ to those that are nothing more than harvest vessels for energy.

We are trained to engage in this behaviour from birth: it’s called ‘socialising’, the pattern of engaging with other individuals while maintaining a strict mask of denial, silence in the face of overt or covert abuse, accepting culturally embedded malignant and destructive behaviours as being ‘normal’. Children are forcefully entrained through a wide variety of mechanisms to accept constant violation as the state of social normality; they are played in a complex game of psychological and emotional manipulation with virtually no chance of being able to discern and prevent the abuse. If they do happen to discover it, there are more mechanisms in place to ensure the child conforms in one way or another to the demands of the adult world around them until they either rebel out of their society, submit to the programming and become good carriers of the virus or collapse beneath the weight of it and become another mental health statistic.


Individuals are often horrified at my perspective on the cultural manipulation that passes for ‘normal’ in any society. They try to argue that my perspective is unnaturally bleak, or skewed in some way, until I point out to them that the behaviour of the adult society is exactly the same.

This is how the Virus works: the majority of adult individuals on a daily basis engage in shaming, coercing, dominating and controlling one another. They are ardent watchdogs for a social conformity that seeks nothing more than to ensure evolution within individuals- and thus the global society- does not get a foothold. These shaming actions happen in myriads of ways every day and form the intricate foundation of a control platform that functions both internally and externally, micro to macro, in every moment: the individual is both policing others and being policed by these internal watchdogs of consciousness, the ‘counter-consciousness culture’. (Heh- the CCC- “it’s everywhere, man!”- more so than most individuals are ever prepared to consider.)

The individual forms one cell in a social organism that again seeks to control others through whatever ‘normalisation’ has been shaped to look like within that particular domain: for centuries this function was served by the double headed hydra of religion and monarchy, wielding the swords of righteousness and enforcement to ensure that little got beyond the acceptable parameters of domination. In our modern era,  the double headed hydra has absorbed an overload of toxicity and has managed to grow more heads than its masters can keep track of. This is one of the reasons we’re observing a desperate global attempt to control the heads that truly got away from the dominators: the internet and social media as a tool for witnessing and reporting on the real actions of those that purport to be flag bearers for All That’s Right and Good.

The internet provides another observation window into the same unevolving human behaviours that can be found in the most ancient texts currently available: humans haven’t changed in over 12,000 years (actually it’s a far older figure, once humans get that even their history is being royally dicked around with). The internet has proved to be a macro children’s playground of abuse, shaming and cultural normalisation that has roughly the same spread of demographics as can be observed in most playgrounds: those who are rigid enforcers of the cultural norms to the degree that they have learned them, those who are desperately hiding out from the majority by hanging out in the most distant corner permitted, those who gather together for protection in some supportive group or another, those who are targeted without mercy on a daily basis- and weaving through it all are the deep predators and sociopaths in training.

This unchanging human behaviour is one of the key elements to comprehending and accepting that it is not adaptation to a predator/prey mythos that is necessary; what is absolutely evident is that a total do-over of the foundational platform that the entire global society operates from is the necessary step. This is the only option open to us if we wish to create a society that is capable of embracing the elements necessary to thrive, not simply survive, on this jewel of a planet. These days even the latter appears increasingly dubious.

There is no room for allowing sneaky linguistic trickery within the task of resetting the consciousness of an entire platform: each individual who wishes to evolve needs to embark on a deep self examination of every virus based nuance within them. It is not enough to believe that one is free from contaminated thinking: if you think, in any way, that you have a right to criticise others who don’t ask for your critiques, that you have a right to pass moral judgement on the behaviours of another individual (right now I’m thinking about the vicious threats and attacks on Duke University student and porn actress Belle Knox while the porn watcher who outed her wasn’t even considered an issue); if you think that you have some platform of moral superiority that permits you to internally view certain individuals as lesser because of a private decision of what is ‘normal’ then you are a carrier of the Virus and you are at its mercy until you step outside the box of your own thinking.

This is where the foundational platform of sui generis has always been vital for me: it is simply not possible to build a healthy, consciously integrated and psychologically sound global society using traumatised, dissociated, disengaged individuals as the primary material. Traumatised individuals do not a problem solving society make: trauma thinking forces individuals to create armour and internal devices designed specifically for protection and containment. Evolution requires individuals who are delighted at the prospect of moving into the unknown, who are comfortable with looking over the edges of the places they normally like to hang out. Individuals and societies that embrace evolution of Being also embrace risk; they embrace exploration solution based behaviours rather than sticking to the same thing despite the obvious uselessness- or downright danger- of doing things the familiar way. A society that embraces its own evolution as a goal worth pursuing is a society that is able to ‘boldly go where none have gone before’, that is able to celebrate the rich possibilities offered to it through the diversity of its individuals rather than desperately seeking to homogenise and normalise individuals as a domination and control mechanism. This requires as a first step the recognition of the profoundly abusive and destructive nature of practically every element of Western ‘culture’ and its practices and a complete transformation of the way such practices are viewed. Part two of this essay will explore this element of transformation in greater depth; for now it’s enough to frame this within the context of the fiction of adaptation I’m presenting here.

I write a lot about the anti-evolutionary nature that is at the core of heteronomy because I happen to love conscious evolution as a way of Being: without being able to identify the core elements that are being actively employed within individuals- and thus, ultimately, the global society- to prevent the discarding of psychological, moral and mythos platforms that ensure the strangulation of any truly evolutionary move out of heteronomy, a constant cycling of the bent and useless social wheel is all that the majority can look forward to. Part of the clarifying of the core elements is to recognise that society has not now, nor has it ever evolved: it has adapted- sometimes desperately, sometimes with an air of hope and joy, sometimes despairingly- to the same grinding principles of heteronomy and Virus that have dogged the entire current iteration of human history. What individuals like to point to as evidence of an evolving human condition is simply not evolution at all: humans as a group are as much in the grip of their shadow masters as they have ever been. As individuals they refuse to consider the possibility that the parameters from within which they are busily creating their ‘rules about everything in the world’ are fundamentally and crucially flawed.

Adaptation to cultural insanity is not a life sustaining action; continuous and unrelenting adaptation to the ever increasing social psychosis is not going to go well for any individual or group engaging in that behaviour. Those who are watching the drama of the global unveiling of the deeply diseased planetary mythos- the one that has been at the very foundation of human actions and motivations- are being shown clearly that there is no future, no life and no possibility of a thriving global society while this mythos is adhered to. Either individuals will courageously embrace the necessity of rewriting their primary code at its core, or they will embrace the inevitable extinction that is approaching.

  1. For an explanation and exploration of the social control mechanism that I refer to as the Virus, please see some of my earlier essays on


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