Do no harm is an embedded element of sui generis.

This was written in response to an individual asking if ‘do no harm’ was part of the sui generis:

Absolutely there is a ‘no harm to others’ embedded in the sui generis- or Eneris, as I’ve come to call the expanded platform I observe within the foundational ‘law’ element: the premise of sui generis is that the authority of the individual begins *and ends* within their own sphere (auric field, etc). How does this happen? They are *without peer*, unique, which means they can neither be judged by others OR JUDGE OTHERS; to move from one’s sui generis, unique *autonomy* and into the realm of harming another moves the harming individual from sui generis- without peer- to heteronomy: the demonstration that they believe, for whatever reason, that they can dominate and control another. This takes them out of the realm of the free will/sui generis frequency and into heteronomy. Sui generis Beings act *without charge* in those situations; there is no energetic ‘load’ of the fictions of ‘justice’ and ‘retribution’- these are fictions of the heteronomy to serve the purpose and intentions of the heteronomy. There is instead a firm boundary keeping that individuals can choose as individuals or, if they are moved to, as a group- take for instance the shunning of individuals that is practiced by certain Tibetan villages when an individual chooses to do harm to another. There is no load expressed in a sui generis Being keeping their autonomous boundaries, just as there is no judgement from others as to the kinds of boundaries individuals wish to keep; all the criticism of boundaries and the choices within those are again part of a heteronomy that does not wish for individuals to have their true autonomy.


This means that it is up to *me* as to what kinds of boundaries I have around different experiences; it is not up to any other individual to tell me whether or not my boundaries- and the choices that I make when it is obvious my boundaries are not being respected- are ‘acceptable’ or not, as is the case in the dominant heteronomy. Children are violated constantly as a means of losing their internal sense of autonomy, which in turn creates a fertile field for the arguments around boundaries and how these are somehow up for ‘public’ debate. My choices are not up for public debate; I will not debate the choices of others *and* I will firmly intervene if any individual is being harmed because another individual believes their ‘choices’ entitles them to invade the autonomy and sacred personal Being of another: a simple observation and exploration of the very nature of sui generis demonstrates that this is not so. Without the foundational platform of sui generis, how is free will upheld and demonstrated?

Free will has been a *theory* in this realm for a very, very long time, but the *practical foundation* upon which it rests had yet to be fully articulated; prior to this it was a sense of ‘something’ that individuals operated under but had never needed to describe, much the same way that native individuals find it near impossible to explain how they can ‘read’ the water in the open ocean, what it is that they are ‘seeing’ that allows them to navigate their landscapes the ways that they do. We needed to move beyond this instinctual ability to one in which the principles could be explained in clear, unequivocal ways across the new frequencies that were emerging, the upgrade in complexity and ability to span vast streams of information, the evolution of the consciousness that was clearly visible to the ones who look at those elements of the frequencies. It’s not a mystery, it really just depends where one enjoys looking: that’s the difference between a Seer and those who don’t enjoy rattling around the more amorphous elements of the multiverse.¬†

Part of my vision- for a platform of Being that could never recreate Empire in any way- was to create as simple a platform as possible, with as few ‘moving parts’ as possible yet with the holographic fractal of possibility deeply embedded within so that the evolution is free in every individual that desires to explore and express it. Sui generis- that all Beings- not humancentric, but ALL Beings, regardless of physical or energetic expression, verbal or non-verbal- all Beings are unique, without peer, autonomous, free to engage in the abundance that is the universal All, free to explore their unique expression without hindrance, without judgement, without censorship, without interference; truly free willed, absolute, because there is none that can judge them; all Beings are free to follow their unique path and thus are free of the heteronomy from others; each Being is therefore also required to demonstrate the respect for the total autonomy of *all other Beings*; to ignore the autonomy of another brings the individual doing the ignoring out of the Life signal and into heteronomy; it is then up to the individuals involved, including those they wish to engage for advice and support, to decide how they want to proceed if such an event occurs.

We have seen how ‘authority’ chooses to deal with things; heteronomy always leads to violence and harm because it is cut off from the evolution signal, the living frequency that supports and encourages all life to express its fullest potential. Sui generis Beings are connected to a totally different frequency and are motivated by utterly different ways of viewing each other and the world; heteronomy is founded on mythologies of ‘lack’, of fighting over scarce resources, of retribution and ‘justice’ (which is nothing more than sanctioned revenge); heteronomy tells the story of predator/prey, of kill or be killed, dominate or be dominated. These foundational fictions, the ‘mythos’ on which the entire platform is built, creates a mindset and perspective that struggles to imagine or see a world in which individuals actually choose voluntarily to ‘be excellent to one another’.

Individuals embedded in the heteronomy simply cannot fathom that there are individuals who aren’t actually trying to tear one another down in order to get ahead- that’s the modus operandi of the dominant paradigm’s servants and adherents, its puppets and agents. It looks like ‘the way the world is’- but it is simply the way the fiction is. There are much, much more powerful ways of Being out there and they are more and more being demonstrated on a world wide basis- not by the many, but as I’ve said before, it was *never* a numbers game, it was always about strength of frequency.

I recognise that what I’m talking about is a quantum leap in perspective, in ‘mythos’ (I’ve been told before that I speak in the language of the new, rather than the old paradigm, which can make things tricky), in Being and in the way we perceive our connection to the multiverse around us- that’s my purpose and intention. The sui generis platform is simple in foundation, infinite in expression, it’s a platform that can expand infinitely with each individual and evolution that emerges because it is the basis on which free will firmly sits.

Sui generis when taken to its fullest expression can generate no dictators, no Empires, no dogmas, no religions; there is nothing within it that could be used to dominate, suppress or control another. It supports every expression of Being there is: there is no longer black, white, red, yellow; there is simply how an individual wishes to be addressed, what they choose to embrace and embody within their own Self: thus is racism dissolved. There is no ‘gay’ or ‘straight’ and thus is the social debate and argument, the persecution and domination of an expression of Being dissolved. There is no ‘us’ and ‘them’, there is simply ‘unique Being’- thus is all conflict dissolved. All with one simple, foundational principle: sui generis.

¬†Where we go *after* this principle is in place is truly to go ‘boldly where no Being has gone before’….


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