The mind virus.

When one holds a baby in one’s arms, it is clear that there is no conflict within their body. As they grow, it’s clear that they are *in* their body until they are frightened or trained out of it somehow. How does this happen? By the external influence of those around them. Conflict has as its roots a fundamental condition of opposition between two states- like magnets pushing against each other. This is not the natural state of a child. This has been demonstrated by the observation of children raised in native cultures that have a laid back approach to their children and their life; the more heavily invested in any particular paradigm- in native cultures, this tends towards heavy handed taboo/religious systems, external systems designed to create a specific kind of behaviour and thinking within the individual in such a way as to restrict, modulate, constrict or control in some way the individual’s natural, free flowing state of Being.

As someone who both experienced this constriction and had a hacker’s mind about it, I spent a lot of years plunged into the mind of the constriction and external authority, free falling through the space constantly on fire but with an unwavering eye on finding who or what was fucking with me. I came to see the overmind directing these various systems of thinking that are fundamentally aimed at control and domination; always with the same agenda, to direct the natural, powerful energy of the individual towards some other place. This redirection was *never* a positive thing for the individual and resulted in a continual loss of autonomy and energy. This system is worldwide- it looks different in different places, sure, and sometimes it’s hard to spot because it can be wearing the most benign face and make the most peaceful gestures, but the same purpose and intention is there- to divert the natural autonomy and individual’s power to an external source. I have seen it so thoroughly now that I don’t question its presence anymore- to my experience, it’s a worldwide system that has at its core a system of energy and focus that very much has it’s own purpose and intention. This is what I call the virus- because I understand the behaviours of viruses and parasites, I went investigating a raft of concepts to help me explore this mind system I was observing. What I observed fulfilled the description of both virus and parasite:

vi·rus  [vahy-ruhs]

noun, plural vi·rus·es.
1. an ultramicroscopic (20 to 300 nm in diameter), metabolically inert, infectious agent that replicates only within the cells of living hosts, mainly bacteria, plants, and animals: composed of an RNA or DNA core, a protein coat, and, in more complex types, a surrounding envelope.
2.Informal . a viral disease.
3. a corrupting influence on morals or the intellect; poison.
4.a segment of self-replicating code planted illegally in a computer program, often to damage or shut down a system or network

virus (vī’rəs)

Any of various extremely small, often disease-causing agents consisting of a particle (the virion ), containing a segment of RNA or DNA within a protein coat known as a capsid . Viruses are not technically considered living organisms because they are devoid of biological processes (such as metabolism and respiration) and cannot reproduce on their own but require a living cell (of a plant, animal, or bacterium) to make more viruses. Viruses reproduce first either by injecting their genetic material into the host cell or by fully entering the cell and shedding their protein coat. The genetic material may then be incorporated into the cell’s own genome or remain in the cytoplasm. Eventually the viral genes instruct the cell to produce new viruses, which often cause the cell to die upon their exit. Rather than being primordial forms of life, viruses probably evolved from rogue pieces of cellular nucleic acids. The common cold, influenza, chickenpox, smallpox, measles, mumps, yellow fever, hemorrhagic fevers, and some cancers are among the diseases caused by viruses.

Computer Science A computer program that duplicates itself in a manner that is harmful to normal computer use. Most viruses work by attaching themselves to another program. The amount of damage varies; viruses may erase all data or do nothing but reproduce themselves.


1. an organism that lives on or in an organism of another species, known as the host, from the body of which it obtains nutriment.
2.a person who receives support, advantage, or the like, from another or others without giving any useful or proper return, as one who lives on the hospitality of others.
3. (in ancient Greece) a person who received free meals in return for amusing or impudent conversation, flattering remarks, etc.
1530–40; < Latin parasītus < Greek parásītos one who eats at another’s table, orig. adj.: feeding beside, equivalent to para- para-1 + sît ( os ) grain, food + -os adj. suffix

parasite par·a·site (pār’ə-sīt’)

An organism that grows, feeds, and is sheltered on or in a different organism while contributing nothing to the survival of its host.

In conjoined twins, the usually incomplete twin that derives its support from the more nearly normal fetus.

parasite (pār’ə-sīt’) Pronunciation Key
An organism that lives on or in a different kind of organism (the host) from which it gets some or all of its nourishment. Parasites are generally harmful to their hosts, although the damage they do ranges widely from minor inconvenience to debilitating or fatal disease. ◇ A parasite that lives or feeds on the outer surface of the host’s body, such as a louse, tick, or leech, is called an ectoparasite . Ectoparasites do not usually cause disease themselves although they are frequently a vector of disease, as in the case of ticks, which can transmit the organisms that cause such diseases as Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Lyme disease. ◇ A parasite that lives inside the body of its host is called an endoparasite . Endoparasites include organisms such as tapeworms, hookworms, and trypanosomes that live within the host’s organs or tissues, as well as organisms such as sporozoans that invade the host’s cells. See more at host.

host (hōst)

The larger of two organisms in a symbiotic relationship.

An organism or cell on or in which a parasite lives or feeds. ◇ A definitive host is an organism in which a parasite reaches sexual maturity. The anopheles mosquito is the definitive host for the malaria plasmodium because, while the mosquito is not adversely affected by the plasmodium’s presence, it is the organism in which the plasmodium matures and reproduces. ◇ An intermediate host is an organism in which a parasite develops but does not attain sexual maturity. Humans and certain other vertebrates are the intermediate host of the malaria plasmodium. ◇ A paratenic host is an organism which may be required for the completion of a parasite’s life cycle but in which no development of the parasite occurs. The unhatched eggs of nematodes are sometimes carried in a paratenic host such as a bird or rodent. When a predator eats the paratenic host, the eggs are ingested as well.

The recipient of a transplanted tissue or organ.

A computer containing data or programs that another computer can access by means of a network or modem.

From where I was hanging, out in the otherrealms, what I was observing was a vast, parasitic virus system, a powerful fusing of the elements of biological and computer analogies, that was designed to specifically interact and interfere with the sentient species on this planet. This clicked into place a language with which I could communicate concepts and experiences I had had since birth but had only had an energetic and telepathic language with which to communicate my experience- and I was in a world populated by telepathic deafness. It took the evolution of the computer world and language to truly find metaphors that could be understood.

There is an external system of control and manipulation that inserts itself, to a greater or lesser degree, through the instruction and transmission by the child’s *outer world of caregivers*, into the child. The foundational purpose and intention of the virus- which is *sentient* to a degree in and of itself- is to replace the natural autonomy of the frequency of the evolution Consciousness that the child naturally carries with an external system of harvesting energy, which I have named the heteronomy- that which seeks to control and dominate the individual to the ultimate detriment of the individual. The virus has *it’s own* agenda and intention, NONE of which are about the wellbeing of the host: how can it be, when the virus itself NEEDS the energy of the host in order to survive? This is the endoparasitic element of the virus, with sentient Beings as the target, for the specific purpose of diverting the enormous CREATIVE power of the fully expressed autonomy to it’s OWN survival and dissemination.

Now, go back to the conflict that you first mentioned and look at it from my perspective: to me, the constriction of your natural ability is unnatural to your Being in itself, not part of the evolution Consciousness signal as you naturally would express it and therefore, *to me*, part of the expression and intention of the virus.

I am *not* here saying that the emergence of the virus is some kind of expression of ‘evil’ or any of the other concepts that religion is interested in pimping, that state of rigid duality, black and white: *to me*, the emergence of the entire system that created the virus in the first place is all ultimately part of the evolution signal its Self, because the evolution will *always* occur, regardless of how hard any individual or group is striving to prevent it: there’s nothing going on here that ‘shouldn’t’ be happening and at the same time, that doesn’t mean that it’s the *best option* either. Just as with all parasites and viruses, we have choices: we can create a symbiotic balance with it, in which we’re never really well but aren’t sick enough to stop being a host- religion, philosophy, government etc are ways that this sickening and draining symbiosis happens; we can be overwhelmed by the virus parasite and die, either spiritually or physically (and the former leads inevitably to the latter) OR we can use our spiritual/energetic immune system, get to know the symptoms of a virus incursion, pump our spiritual immune system to the max and dismiss the virus without nothing more than a mild temperature and a few cleansing glasses of superjuices. All viruses and parasites serve the evolution signal in that they challenge the immune and adaptive systems of the host with a view to either making these stronger, or discovering the weakness of the Being and exploiting it. So far, the collective has been trading autonomy for exploitation because of the perceived benefits of such exploitation, which in essence are nothing more than chemical tricks caused by the parasite itself, like toxoplasmosis chemically convincing the rat that the cat is the sexiest thing it’s ever seen so that it will go and get eaten by the cat: all part of the parasite’s plan and purpose, but not so great for the rat. Perhaps a more critical eye at the Great Green Head is in order, because at the foundation is a bunch of chemical and psychological contortions with a specific purpose and intention that is NOT positive to the host.

This is a glimpse into this world as seen by my mind. ANY preacher, no matter how cosily they are preaching, no matter how ‘friendly’ and ‘helpful’ the ‘adjustment’ they are attempting to assert might seem to be, no matter how ‘spiritual’ or ‘enlightened’ they may present themselves to be, ALL preachers are preaching nothing but the heteronomy: religion, philosophy, psychology, education, government: all are designed to force or entice the individual into giving away the thing of TRUE value, the creative power within them that is expressed in part as the individual’s autonomy. That’s what I look at, constantly: everything I experience is filtered through the overarching theme of ‘is this something designed to siphon off my autonomy?’. I hold the lens of autonomy up to everything, like the stone in Spiderwick Chronicles: I got used to everything of the system looking like hideous toads underneath all the contortions and self serving and smiling manipulation disguised as ‘helpfulness’ or ‘caring’ or ‘authority’ or any of the myriads of other tactics the virus uses. For me personally, the bottom line is simple: if applied to its greatest expression, is this idea/concept/philosophy/platform just another fertile ground for the re-emergence of the heteronomy? Unless the expression is founded absolute in autonomy then the answer has always come back to me as ‘yes’, in which case everything halts there, my dragons at the gate, and the infected material cannot pass, no matter how precioussssssssssss it is to the host or how elaborate a rationalisation can be made for it.

Virus infected concepts only have two paths: in one, there are elements of the concept that can be resuscitated from the grip of the poison, detoxed, left to recover in a sunny spot in a comfy chair for awhile and then reintroduced to the signal; in the other, there’s nothing but immune system response and natural dissolution, death and release of the energy back into the All to be recycled back as a less closed system form. There’s no such thing as ‘it’s only a little bit infected’- try telling that to the Native Americans who died from blankets that were ‘a little bit’ infected by smallpox. As physical Beings who encounter viruses and parasites, we fundamentally grasp the nature of these things and we get that there’s no such thing as healthy co-existence with a debilitating and draining parasite.

That’s where I come from. I’m not here to make the lie more palatable, I’m here to call things what they are and reject the complex entangling- spiritual, physical, legal, psychological and energetic- that the virus creates. It’s the system that has created the miasms and matrix we currently find our Selves in and for me personally, I’ve got waaaaaay better things to do, to create and to Be.

Now you know a bit more about how many pieces I hold in my head at one time regarding this issue: what I’ve written about are just a few of these elements, so when it’s being discussed perhaps now my ‘fnurgh, clunk’ element can be seen as possibly something OTHER than others thinking I’m arrogant.


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