The sui generis

Here is where the previous writings on sui generis that I’ve done kick in. Sui generis autonomy is the recognition that just as one is one’s own jurisdiction and authority, so are *all* their own authority *which means ‘do no harm’ is also part of the mix*. There can be no true autonomy without the deep recognition of the right of the Other to determine their own path and live into their own authority also- without this, autonomy simply because dictatorial dominance no matter where in the picture it is placed. Any time any group by whatever means acts as the authority for another Being that has a degree of competence, this is heteronomy and it carries the seeds of the virus, *always*. There is no way to create a virus free world on one side of the equation while holding heteronomy in the other. Heteronomy is dictatorship and the removal of another’s free will in some way or another. Always. It is an incursion into another’s sui generis, which is why the principle of ‘do no harm’ is embedded into true autonomy- we cannot invade the space of another in such a way that invades their integrity.

Integrity here is an important element. There are many that run rampant virus in the guise of ‘integrity’ and their ‘rights'; it’s up to us as individuals to discern the difference between autonomy and the perversions of it. If an individual is claiming that their autonomy allows them to invade, harm, interfere with or overpower another individual in any way, they’re actually running heteronomy and domination. They have no integrity. I respond differently to these individuals.

In equity, there is a maxim: ‘he who wishes equity must do equity’. This is a fundamental principle of autonomy: ‘he who wishes autonomy must extend autonomy’. Part of the mark of heteronomy is the claiming of rights that are not extended to others in anything but lipservice. There are many subtle and toxic claims that invade and suck on the energy and sui generis of others with one hand while making grand gestures with the other. This is the way of all those who wreak harm on others. It doesn’t matter that they *believe* their rhetoric or perspective, it doesn’t matter how *sincere* they are: if any individual is attempting to invade the autonomy of another, they are actually agents for the virus. And the virus is a death signal. But in this, we’re not talking about autonomy, are we: we’re talking about a bunch of individuals who want to exercise¬†their own brand of heteronomy on others. It isn’t autonomy. Sui generis doesn’t turn the other cheek- that’s heteronomous distortion crap disguised as spirituality, designed to keep the heteronomy firmly in place without challenge- sui generis does not tolerate the abusers, the dictators and the manipulators. It calls these what they are, it sees things clearly and it moves in aikiddo with it.

[There is currently] the *claim* of ownership [on individuals and the planet]. This claim *first* needs to be dissolved *within me*, because there’s no action I can take that will carry the power and resonance necessary if I haven’t dealt with the internal belief and Monsanto coding that says I *can* be owned by another’s will and dictatorship. This is what the heteronomy banks on, in part- we’ll get caught up in the enormity of it all and be disempowered yet again. Did you ever see the movie A Bug’s Life? The undoing of the grasshoppers is when the ants finally, truly find their power and then realise that, numbers wise, they vastly outweigh the small force of their opposers.

The heteronomy exists to demonstrate to the individual all the cracks and nooks where the autonomy fails to fill. There can be no real emptiness inside a Being- the physical universe doesn’t roll that way, space isn’t ‘empty’ and neither is the individual, so if the space is not filled with true autonomy then it’s going to be filled by *something* and that’s where heteronomy jumps up on to the podium with upraised hand and says ‘hey, that’s mine! I’m happy to take that!’. It’s an individual’s path, multiplied out into the billions- that’s how it has been taken on, one mind and Being at a time, and it can be undone the same way. It’s like this: remember Neo infecting Agent Smith and dissolving his avatar from within, not through war or fighting, but simply by being his true Self?

I have that knowing in me. What I know is, the attempts of group heteronomy failed in the sixties experiments of communal living and new ways of relating, as it has consistently failed in any other attempt. These always devolve into heteronomy of one kind or another, and then they tear themselves apart. Because of my early life and exposure to many cultures and perspectives, I have come to see the underlying heteronomy in *every system on the planet*; I spent time in the punk culture and that was when I saw the glimmer of a way out of the virus because the anarchy, as clumsily expressed as it was, was an attempt to turn towards the autonomy. I watched the virus infiltrate the punk culture, as it does with all subcultures: it’s self learning, so it might flail at times while it attempts to catch up with the latest expression of the Essence, the evolution Consciousness, but it eventually is able to insert the heteronomy into any expression and suck it back down into the morass. There is no answer to this constant construement and absorption, the constant drive towards homogeny and neutralising the power contained in the I Am, unless that answer is the individual becoming utterly and completely immune to infection. The virus response to the increasing presence of the Immunes is to drug them into submission, call their immunity a condition that needs remedy, a problem that needs addressing- but the signal of Immunity is on the planet and each individual can tap into it if they want to.

I am not here to save the world. That’s more heteronomy crap, because it demands we look *outside Self* for answers, inspiration, guidance, direction, again; that’s the trap. The ‘new spiritualists’ who are simply more servants of new twists on the same old story speak of ‘worldwide’ evolution, grand visions of a planetary level up that brings all along with it- but this is crap. Externalising what I need *as a sui generis, utterly unique and autonomous Being* is nothing more than me falling for the same tricks and lies that the heteronomy has relied on for millenia. It’s a submission to virus.

I don’t need mass conversion in order for me to hold my sui generis within me. I am aware that the Monsanto codes are still in operation within my biology; it’s how I know that this bespelling runs ridiculously deep in me and that there is nothing greater for my evolution than to deal with this within me, because I cannot be a signal for autonomy while ignoring that some part of me agrees to be a slave. I am embracing and dissolving those codes in every moment by constantly turning towards my original blueprint, my autonomy, living into a language and way of Being that hasn’t been on this planet for millenia, so I’m not as graceful with it as some are with their tai chi-

and I will be. I already am far more graceful and powerful than I was a year ago, six months ago, six weeks ago- I have been evolving the signal in every post I’ve written on it, embodying it deeper. I cannot do that for any other individual: I know the heteronomy says It Rules and it demonstrates this force on a daily basis, yet this I know: the virus in its controller form flees from me. The virus in its mirror form keeps revealing itself more and more, encouraging me to keep going and to embrace my autonomy in ever deepening ways. I am leaving fear behind because fear is what it feeds on. I don’t have any answers to the masses, I just have the contrast between the fruits of the heteronomy and the fruits of sui generis. In my deepest place of Being, I know that my ability to embrace and wield my autonomy in a truly sui generis way is the key to unlocking the dormant Otherkind codes within me. I’m experiencing this in my physical world. I’m rebuilding my body from physical injury that includes *fused bones*. The sui generis is what I’ve got to offer. I know their law system recognises and is utterly undone by it. Their fictions cannot handle it in any way, but one can’t deal with the minions, on any level, and that includes the ‘expert’ anythings.

I stopped looking at the outside forces, who always told me the heteronomy story of ‘you are powerless’. Like everything else it pimps, this too is a lie, but until I *knew* this, balls to bone, I wasn’t yet my own One.

And that is precisely what autonomy, sui generis and absolute are all about.


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