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 Post Posted: Sun Sep 02, 2012 11:02 pm 
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What is the evolution?

And what isn't it, which is just as interesting.

What is the multiverse? Sliding realities? Infinite possibilities?

The following is my sui generis, Otherkind perspective. Feel free to utterly ignore it and create something else if you don't like this one, and if you're not prepared to create your own, then don't bother telling me mine is wrong. Art is subjective, so are 'Verses.


What is reality? How 'real' is it? How do the multiverses operate?

To the Otherkind, all reality is subjective. When particular 'realities' are being explored, there is a loose consensus framework of how that reality is established, the platform that the particular reality operates in. For instance, there are certain frameworks that the current reality appears to be hung on. Well, we all know what we keep waiting for with *that* one.

Here's how Otherkind, my kind of Otherkind, experience all this:

there's a certain kind of framework that one emerges into within each 'reality'. These frameworks are like Prussian dolls, stacked within each other, with the crudest and most obvious one as the base marker. This is the one sometimes referred to as 'reality', the easiest- and least interesting- one to engage in and with. Some spend their entire lives in this particular framework, or ones close to it, for many and varied reasons. Some are aware that there are other expressions and possibilities hidden within the obvious and they spend their time trying to figure out how to slide between them.

Each expression has its own framework from which the infinite possibilities spring; because the framework is different, the way the hologram orients is different, and so the learning and exploration are different; it works well because who wants to build a game from scratch every time one wants to engage with one? I like to play Unreal Tournament, I don't want to have to write the bloody code from the beginning my Self.

Ugh, this is where it gets difficult to describe in words...

So there are platforms for the 'realities'. These platforms are all bendy in their own ways, leading to other expressions of the platform, and this bendiness is interactive, so it depends on the Being interacting with it as to how that fluidity manifests. This is why realities are such amazing evolution tools- if one wishes to, one can discover all kinds of information about one's strengths and limitations, experience all kinds of things designed to level up the former and clear the latter, and generally expand the singularity experience of both the holographic world and the evolution signal, which in turn expands and refines both of these signals. It's a perfect feedback loop designed to enrich the signals in all directions, so that evolution of signal is happening all across the multiverse.

I've been told by some that this fluid, non-concrete universe is their personal idea of hell and that it's utterly pointless, meaningless, just endless self indulgence. I've found this perspective difficult to grok since I moved through it my Self; when I was first recovering my Otherkind nature I ran into this 'meaningless and pointless' perspective, Triffid had to endure weeks of my thrashing about within it and recently when it came up through another conversation, I had to go back to him to be reminded of what the issue had actually been at that time, what I'd been struggling with.

He expressed it as the issue of externalisation: he said I was of the opinion that the universe should provide my reality for me and if it didn't, then there was no 'point' to the whole business of living because
I didn't think my own choice of reality was meaningful and valid. As I worked through this at the time, we discovered that this perspective had to do with being raised by an individual who utterly negated my own internal experience and reality; I was brute forced into accepting external sources of 'reality' and not my own, my own Self was devalued and denied to the point where I had no connection with it whatsoever; thus, when my evolution moved to the point where I needed to take up my own experience, BE the creator of my own reality, be my own Neo, the virus programming had an utter shit storm and played it out in me. I was a basket case for a few months while I staggered through the process, at first having not a single clue what was going on, just major fuzzy memory flashes and an urgent sense of this is really important- I woke up at night gasping for air, leaping out of bed and racing up and down the hall, heart pounding in my chest and my mind gibbering at me, panic attack after panic attack slamming me. Sometimes it was Triffid that helped me through it, sometimes it was Borden, talking to me from thousands of k's away, sometimes it was just me on my own, shivering and shuddering- and sometimes the shivering was so hard that I chipped my teeth or bit through my tongue- living through what I realised was some reaction of the virus to something I was doing.

Bet your arse I was doing something: I was dismantling the externalised control mechanism embedded in me and the virus didn't like it one bit.

I kept tracking it until finally I could see what the game was and I simply dropped it where it stood, moving on without a backwards glance to the point where I couldn't actually remember the process when it came up for someone else just recently; the memory of it was so distant I had to ask Triffid what it had been about and when he reminded me, I was amazed at how that had ever had me by the throat, because my slidiness has returned so immeasurably since I got that little strangling vine off me that I have to strain to remember being not so fluid. *That's* how awesome debugging is, which is what I keep trying to share, trying to point to- none of us have to be stuck in this paradigm, there are *other doorways*- and I keep holding out my hands, wanting to get others out of the thrashing around

if that's what they want

Part of the triangulation is to prevent massive withdrawal responses as we dissolve the virus in us; when we're on our own the process can feel like death, it tries to convince us it is death and, if it thinks it's losing, will try and convince us that death would be the better option. None of its bullshit is honest or has integrity. None.

So, once the process of getting past the programming into an externalised authority of a universe has happened, then comes the fluidity...

"For every lie I unlearn, I learn something new"- Ani DiFranco

Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go. ~ TS Elliot

 Post Posted: Sun Sep 02, 2012 11:47 pm 
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Immune response is about knowing self from not-self. Loving acceptance of that self is also required for proper functioning. The thymus gland, the physical aspect of the thymus chakra, is the original energetic heart. Our white blood cells get their immuno-competency by living in the thymus gland for awhile. It is there that the the sense of self and opinions about self are imprinted/vibrated to the cell(s).

Auto immune disease is about rejection of an aspect of self. The form of disease is a clue as to which aspect. Viruses cannot trick a healthy immune system into accepting a DNA package to replicate. The virus will float around, not supported and impotent to do damage.

We must know our own hearts, be aware of the untrue whisperings inside us. People and environment will create these whisperings. We would be wise to listen for them and then loudly sing a song for another kind to replace them.

It is very rewarding work.

 Post subject: What is the evolution?
 Post Posted: Thu Oct 31, 2013 4:10 pm 
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