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 Post subject: Re: Prairie's thread
 Post Posted: Mon May 20, 2013 2:22 pm 
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You might find this interesting:

The relationship between the use of language and the induction of trance states might be one of the keys to understanding life in the last years of the technology millenium. What if we're all in a trance, and have been given hypnotic suggestions to ignore the evidence that we are in a trance? As we stumble around, bedazzled, enormous machines eat the earth. How would we treat people who try to tell us that we need to wake up? Ask Charley Tart, Ph.D. As Professor of Psychology at the University of California, Davis, where he has taught, conducted research, and written books for the past 26 years, Charles Tart, Ph.D., qualifies as a tweedcoat and even a whitecoat. He is a member in good standing of the science cult, and his down to earth, low-key presentation lends an unexpected insider punch to his statements about the science cult's blind spots -- and every human's blind spots. He thinks of himself as a scientist, not a guru, working in a field that is underpopulated despite it's importance. It is underpopulated because research into consciousness is dangerous to an experimental psychologist's career, and because it isn't easy to do the kind of research that can get the attention of the orthodoxy. Tart's most recent book is Waking Up: Overcoming the Obstacles to Human Potential. [...] You can contact Dr. Tart via email:
-- Howard Rheingold


En and I are very intrigued by the information regarding the consensus trance that has come my way lately, because our own deep meditations have been pointing us to the same information: every piece of information is coming from within a culture that is deeply entranced, blinded to its own blindness.

We have been meditating for hours every day, the staring kind and the deeply connecting to the signal kind, because at the moment it's our purest channel of information. I have been evolving on every level but in particular with regards exactly what you are observing here in your post: the psychological trance that society lives in and what that creates, the noise it engages in, how empty its actions and intentions are. We are moving into a vastly different signal but it's almost impossible to describe.

I like the observations made by Dr Tart. They came to me at a time when En and I were already experiencing and observing exactly these things. :)

"For every lie I unlearn, I learn something new"- Ani DiFranco

Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go. ~ TS Elliot

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