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 Post subject: Plans
 Post Posted: Thu Oct 31, 2013 12:48 pm 
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Hello my fellow beings,

Songs and I have been furiously working away over the passed year. So caught up in our own stuff we were that the old forum was left to suffer a slow and painful death.... :( . How careless, poor little internet forum....

Anyways it's been such a massive year. I have been musing over the couple of posts I made this time last year and it's just crazy for me to be able to remember where I was at that point. Then compare with the degree of sheer personal transformation that the past year living with Songs has brought me. Ohhhh! The emotional and psychological abundance! I'm planning on writing some more in depth stuff on my experiences living the Sui Generis lifestyle.

It's been a period of serious incubation. We really feel as if many of the initial concepts behind the Sui Generis work have been refined and extrapolated upon. Our ability to explore things at rapid speed only seems to be increasing with the added clarity we have found as we help each other clear out all the junk. In such a way that one person on their own would take twice as long to clear. I am deeply grateful for Songs hacking ability. Challenging as all fuck at times though 8-) .

As I write this Songs is in the process of making the first documentary film. A clear and concise compendium of fact and thought about the Sui Generis and Heteronomy and the why it works type deal.

We are also in the process of getting a blog page sorted, where we can put up feature articles and various voice recordings of our discussions. Having a more ordered, formal presentation of the work we have been doing. I for one am feeling incredibly motivated, 'ready' and excited about it all. Looking forward to pouring these immense amounts of free flowing energy I now have into this as a creative pursuit.

The blog can be found at

Some of the topics you can expect us to be covering over the next few months are as follows:

Obviously the foundations of the Sui Generis and Heteronomy work

Choice. Consciousness. Sentience.

Energetic/emotional charges in a system. In the individual being. In the collective environment. Similarities between biology and electrical circuits. Integration. Disintegration.

Sacred emotions

Relationship with our environment

Language. Exploration of language and meaning as a lifestyle.

The relationship between the masculine and the feminine signals

The otherkind/earth histories

Personal Cohesion. Purpose and intention.

The Sui Generis lifestyle. A visionary approach.

The power of questions.

Metaphysics. Quantum magic. Quantum/energetic awareness. Experimentation.

All this and probably more vectors and avenues that branch out as we explore each subject in depth. As the tree grows. As the great fractal of thought expands out into the unknown. As we consciously work towards clearing ourselves, so that we may become super conductive conduits capable of streaming increasing degrees of creative idea and information. As we unify ourselves with the quantum floor of reality itself, immersing in the pristine field of spirit. Eternal, empowered and awakened.

Were stoked to have you here.

En and Songs


 Post subject: Re: Plans
 Post Posted: Fri Nov 01, 2013 9:26 pm 
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:) Thank you for being the coalescence in my life, Beloved.

"For every lie I unlearn, I learn something new"- Ani DiFranco

Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go. ~ TS Elliot

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