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 Post subject: Why the Sui Generis
 Post Posted: Fri Nov 01, 2013 7:40 pm 
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Why the Sui Generis?

I'd like to explore here fairly briefly and in simple terms what the Sui Generis approach to life means to me. What I observe it creating. As if the very foundational principles aren't self evident enough, to give us a picture, to spur our imagination and thought experiments. To see 'why' to enough of a degree that we can begin to EMBODY this core operating system. However given the the often debilitated and reactive state of the psyche present in this paradigm, I'd like to attempt to extrapolate a little.

First and foremost I’d like to explore the concept of 'embodiment'. The budding etymologist that I am.…. For me embodiment goes hand in hand with knowledge. Embodiment can be likened with wisdom. Something that we have owned, something that we know. Something we have experienced enough times to give it 'truth'. A sense of absolute. Whilst acknowledging that nothing, for me, can ever be absolutely absolute. It gives us the ability to move forward in a powerful way. Movement = life. It is how we navigate. It is how we decide which option to choose at any given choice point.

For me, the ability to truly embody something is our greatest asset. So many individuals caught up in cycles of time, repeating the same year, the same week, their whole lives. Moving like snails. A mindset that does not approach life in an inquisitive, explorative fashion. I look at young children and the one things that I observe common to all is that sense of wonder, fascination and exploration. What is it about this current paradigm that causes most of us to lose this inherent nature? A mindset that has lost the ability to learn, and most importantly EMBODY. So that individuals need to experience the same or similar circumstances many times over in order get the message and learn that they need to adjust there approach.

What is your approach to life?

Embodiment allows us to become far more effective at dealing with any given situation. The desire to map out for ourselves the workings of our environment seems fairly inherent in our nature. Pouring billions? Of dollars into scientific research and such each year. The more we can observe our relationship to our environment. The more we can problem solve, refine and evolve.

I'm sure most of us comprehend what 'Evolution' as presented by science is. It's interesting how easily the culture finds it to embody scientific 'facts' into how their consciousness interprets and interacts with the world and universe. The 'lab coat' effect has been proven again and again, to quite horrific extent, in studies. Where is the cultural acknowledgement of the endless evolution of mind that can be had? That which is to my experience the governing force of the physical realm.

Why is it that we can be so quick to embody what someone else says, giving up the possibility to explore it for ourself? Why do we struggle to embody things that are true to our own experience? Things that are right FOR US. Why do we so often seek outside ourselves for direction? (I took the time to write out my own explorations of these questions here)

This is where the power of the Sui Generis really starts to come into the picture. I am going to take a wild guess and say that most of the individuals that read this are aware to some degree or another the MAJOR problems that 'humanity' is facing. What can we be doing as individuals in order to find creative solutions and remedy?

You could start researching on the internet as most individuals start out. Read a heap of books. Take in as much information on Science, politics, spirituality as you desire. Join an internet forum and start exploring others opinions, possibly starting to form some of your own. The more information, the more embodiment of new belief systems. The more power and charge you can throw into your opinions.

Are these new opinions and belief systems your own? Or are they just coming from the position of a smaller form of mass consensus the rest of the world operates from? How connected to yourself are you really to know? Is most of the information your consuming something that you as an individual can do anything with? Can embody = self empowerment.

You might start telling everyone you know. Only to find that many are choosing to remain ignorant. Choosing to march towards their own enslavement. Maybe you'll take that as a cue to push harder. Pouring all your energy into trying to make people change. Are you even sure what you are reporting is fact, or opinion? Maybe you'll find a group of others that think similar things and start a movement.

It appears to me that so many new movements that explode onto the scene start to fizzle and burn out before to long. A lack of cohesion between individuals. A lack of a clear, well thought out vision for remedy. Allowing individuals to unify in purpose and intention. A foundational platform that still contains the mindset and action to that of which they are trying to remedy. A foundational platform that can be picked to pieces by any good hacker in its flaws for universal remedy. Maybe to a lesser degree. They are still fighting fire with fire.

We can observe how good the system is at managing those that run war.

Individuals in the movement with their own agendas. Individuals operating from unconscious motivations. Chaos. Easily managed by the elite.

So why the Sui Generis????

I don't necessarily agree with Songs absolute that this is the only means for remedy. I'm sure that if we have a roomful of self aware, 'clear' individuals we could come up with some interesting solutions. But that is really beside the point for me. What makes the Sui Generis so powerful is it's simplicity. I can't imagine the complexity of a solution outside of this that worked for EVERYONE. If it's too complex in itself it won't work for most. Getting lost in a miasm of subjective interpretations.

Complexity in a solution takes away from the potential power. Clarity is always key. Simplicity is super conductive. It allows for ease of EMBODIMENT. A simple tool that we can start to use to IDENTIFY the interactions between self and environment. To get us starting to observe our thoughts, words and actions. To facilitate consciousness. To know ourself. To learn how to explore effectively.

It gives us something that we can be doing everyday. It brings an end to constriction outside of the self. The pressure that many of us feel, crippling elements of our free nature, from the current world environment. Leaving only the constriction we feel when our heart is letting us know which option to choose in any given moment. We can pour all the energy that we spend to often no avail, no change in others, on ourselves. On our own well-being.

Not to mention the fact that it is legally recognised by the law system.

It's incredibly open ended. Imagine the possibility for a creative community to expand out. Like a fractal, like nature itself. The Sui Generis allowing us to expand without worlds of clusterfuck ever arising between elements. We don't need to isolate ourselves from the world in order to achieve enlightenment. We use the world as a tool to fast track our evolution. We can allow our minds to free range, play and be creative. What they were designed to do.

Coming from my personal experience. The ability to embody the Sui Generis as a foundation matures with age. I think anyone can observe it and see the power. Yet many may read the work and think something like 'yeah I already knew about that stuff'. To what extent? It's a common thing for something as radical as this, as a means for deep exploration, to be rejected by many. Approaching the work with intent to pick flaws. Generated by the internal challenge. Is the one who is challenging with a closed mind really you? Look at the pattern of many scientific discoveries, rejected and ridiculed at first, then worshipped and globalised well after the individuals time.

The true test of ones ability to embody arises as one begins to embody something in which very few others even acknowledge. The credentials of the truly unique. The credentials of a creator.

Individual transformation does not come easy. Yet my experience and transformation has allowed me to begin to see more and more the world of Sui Generis. To EMBODY it. To free myself of the elements that really want to find a critique. The Sui Generis shows me the way through. I begin to see WHY. To see the deeper implications. To reconnect with myself, outside of my ego. To lay down my swords and armour and begin to feel again.

To know what I really want to create. My heart, my compass.


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